About Us

BAKED are an independent family-owned artisan bakery established for almost a decade in the beautiful village of Tettenhall in heart of the black country.

Our menu includes freshly ground coffee, hot & cold drinks and a wide range of lunch & breakfast options including our famous sausage rolls and special sandwiches.

We also cater for events & meetings with our buffet service & offer a delivery service on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday throughout the Wolverhampton area.

Real Bread

Most loaves produced in the UK today are made in large factories using artificial additives – some legally undeclared on the label – and perhaps a dollop of fat.  High-speed mixing, high levels of yeast and perhaps a lacing of enzymes are employed to force the dough to rise quickly, rather than allowing the bread to ferment and ‘ripen’ in its own good time. These loaves may well then be sprayed with chemicals such as calcium propionate to slow the growth of mould.

Hardly surprising then that many people tell us that they find this industrially produced stuff hard to digest! At BAKED we never carry any bread over from the previous day so you can be confident that what you purchase today was baked today!

We also make a wide range of cakes, pastries, sandwiches & savouries – all made freshly in the bakery & not a premix in sight!

BAKED make bread the traditional way using simple locally sourced ingredients – flour, water, salt & yeast. All our bread is made from scratch on site & is fresh every day by our team of professional bakers – Baked with Love!

*Daily Bread Specials * Sourdough Bread Available Daily * Spelt & Ancient Grains 

BAKED are active members of the Real Bread Campaign charity Sustain that promote bread that is made with simple, natural ingredients, proven over many centuries to be a beneficial part of the human diet. 

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